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We want to stay in touch, but only in ways that you find helpful. We also recognize that you have certain rights to instruct us as to how we can and cannot use your information. If you prefer not to be contacted by Clean Air HVAC, or you want to opt out of the sale of your information to third parties, please check the appropriate box below.

To stop receiving postal mail, phone calls, and e-mail from Clean Air HVAC, please complete this form. Clean Air HVAC will use reasonable efforts to stop promotional mail from being sent to the address you provide, but does not guarantee complete cessation. Differences in names and/or addresses as well as every-door-direct mailings may cause you to receive some Clean Air HVAC promotions. If you opt out of the sale of your information, Clean Air HVAC will stop sharing your information with third parties and instruct third parties, as required by law, to stop selling your information. Clean Air HVAC, however, cannot control how other organizations use your information after it has left Clean Air HVAC’s systems. All fields are required.

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